“Dogs of MSP is a great venue for interacting and sharing info with those who love their dog as much as I do. Yes, I could do an internet search, Google everything or call my vet clinic for info, but it’s nice to be able to reach out to others who can share their “real world” experiences, exchange ideas and get different perspectives. Dogs of MSP is one of only a few sites I regularly visit.” -Nathan Olson
“Today was Charlie’s first Dogs of MSP event (ours, too) and his first time in a brewery! We had the best time, and so did he. It was so wonderful to be in a building full of people who love dogs, and want to share it with everyone. We will definitely be to many more, and look forward to it! It was such an amazing experience. My in-laws came with their (100 lb.) golden retriever Odin, too. They are from Duluth and wish that there was a network of people like this there as well. They’ve never felt so included anywhere else. Thank you so much to everyone who made it so special for us.” -Elisa Kay Carlson
Charlie the Corgi at his first Dogs of MSP event

Charlie the Corgi at his first Dogs of MSP event

“Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the work that you do for Dogs of MSP. I love all of your accounts and as a Minneapolis resident, I’m constantly sharing with others about what a great group you are and encouraging them to join in some way. You are providing such a great value to the community, thank you!” -Jennifer Kroiss
Thank you so much for this group. Life is pretty hard over here and seeing these dogs brings a smile to my heart. Better yet, my terminally ill 3 year old who’s just as obsessed as me with dogs knows how to get to the group and looks through the pics for hours when she’s in pain. You have no idea the blessing this is. Thank you! -Linda Caicedo