Dog people are the best people.

Gillian, Emily, Holly & Lauren (plus Finnick, Maple & Sophie)

Gillian, Emily, Holly & Lauren
(plus Finnick, Maple & Sophie)

We have an amazing dog community in the Twin Cities, so we wanted to find a way to strengthen that bond and connect as many dog owners as possible. With that in mind, a Facebook group was created called Dogs of MSP, and things took off from there. Though MSP stands for Minneapolis/St. Paul, the community is intended to be inclusive of all Minnesota dog owners.

Dogs of MSP is a collective whole that builds camaraderie and support based on the idea that we love our dogs more than we ever thought humanly possible. We are fortunate to live in an extremely dog-friendly state that embraces the idea of dogs accompanying us when we go out to public places. Dogs of MSP partners with local businesses to organize meet ups at dog-friendly venues. Our primary objective is to empower the overall sense of dogs + community and our pride for both of those things, so it's important that we find ways to give back to the community.

When we share something in common with the people around us – no matter how small or insignificant it seems – it can shape who we are as people and directly impact our actions for the greater good. Especially when it is something as special as dogs.