Hurricane Florence Donation Drive


A group of Minnesota volunteers have assembled in an effort to aid animal rescues/shelters in the Carolinas affected by Hurricane Florence. They plan to assist Granville County Animal Shelter in Oxford, NC and The Unforgotten Souls of Columbus County AC in Whiteville, NC.

A trip will be made to the affected areas once they are able to gain safe access to the drop off sites in North Carolina.

Below is a list of supplies they are collecting. Feel free to reach out to Emily Bernal Gaza (419-324-6929) if you have questions or need to coordinate items for donation.

Dogs of MSP will also be collecting these items at our Make It MSP Welcome event on 9/29 at Able Seedhouse & Brewery from 1-4pm. Stop by for a complimentary drink courtesy of Make It MSP and bring a donation with you!

Items NEEDED (in order of importance):

  • Bottled water

  • Cat litter

  • Kitten replacement milk (Mills Fleet Farm or Amazon)

  • Toys

  • Treats

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Dawn

  • Fabuloso Cleaner

  • Flea and tick medication

  • Gas cards

  • Towels

  • Blankets

  • Rags

  • Airline approved kennels or ones that can be broken down

  • Leashes

  • Collars (used ok)

  • Potty pads

  • Bleach

  • Cleaning wipes

  • Paper towels

  • Cat / kitten food

  • Dog / puppy food

Drop Off Locations/Contacts

Denny’s Restaurants (contact Emily Bernal Gaza to find out which locations are participating)

Contact individuals to arrange drop off:

  • East Metro Shawn Labarre - 651-442-1120 (prefer text)

  • Stillwater - Emily Bernal Garza - 419-324-6929 (prefer text)

  • North Metro MARS - Amy Swenson 763-503-4990 or 763-276-9878

  • West Metro Julie Deitering 612-272-2050 (prefer text)

  • Outstate Grand Rapids or Marble Area - Dani Druse 701-721-5635 (prefer text or PM)

Minnesota’s #InstaFamous Pups

Dogs of MSP was honored to host some of Minnesota’s famous Instagram pups on stage as they “walked the red carpet” at Linden Hills Woofstock on Sept. 8th, 2018. Read on to learn more about your favorites, and give them a follow and check us out too, @dogsofmsp!

KME Photography captured photos of the segment, and you can find the photos on our Facebook page. A video highlighting the day’s festivities can also be seen here (footage by Jennifer Simonson).

HANDLE: @lexithepugmn

NAMES: Lexi (and sister, Lena)

FOLLOWERS: 4.8K Facebook, 1.4K Instagram

You can often find Lexi cruising around in her Jeep with camper and surf board in tow. While her wheels have evolved over the years, one thing that doesn’t change is Lexi’s passion for helping rescues in the Twin Cities. Lexi has done a great deal to bring awareness around the local rescue community, and she’s guaranteed to bring a smile wherever she goes. Not surprisingly, Lexi keeps a busy social calendar with her many requests for event appearances, TV interviews and photo shoots.

HANDLE: @christophercline

NAMES: Juji (goldendoodle) & Chris (owner)


Chris and Juji have quite an extraordinary story. As a self-taught photographer who moved to Minnesota three years ago, Chris was flabbergasted when he posted his first life-size photo of Juji, and his account skyrocketd from 700 followers to 35K (within 6 months), and now sits at 114K. Chris’s account has garnered much attention all over the world, and he’s even received a call from Michelle Obama’s office! However, nothing makes him happier than doing custom big dog portraits for people all over the world. Juji and Chris are BFF, and there’s nothing they love more than watching sports together, as Chris describes Juji as “the ultimate guy’s guy.”

HANDLE: @gusgusinthecity

NAME: Gus Gus (short for Augustus)


Gus Gus is a three year old french bulldog who gradually took over his mom’s Instagram account, and now has a whopping 57,000 followers. While Gus Gus may look like the perfect model on Instagram, he is prone to Frenchie fits. If you ever are in the vicinity of one of his tantrums, the sounds range from a dolphin to a screaming child to a turkey. Gus is an experienced traveler, and he often travels to other cities just so he can meet friends from Instagram, even human friends like Dean (@deanie_babies) from The Bachelor!

HANDLE: @alittlefinnicky

NAME: Finnick


Finnick Harold is 4 years old and he’s a cattle dog mix. At home, he likes to pull his weight by cleaning the bathroom, with his bathtub licking skills (i.e., obsession). His favorite toy is any sort of rubber squeaky toy. The louder, the better and all the better to annoy you with. One thing on Finnick’s bucket list would be to visit a dog beach in California where he could play all day and let the other dogs chase him. His favorite place to visit is Grandpa’s house because he has the best backyard for fetching and chasing rabbits.

HANDLE: @mr_jack_the_lab

NAME: Jack


Jack is two years old and he’s an English Labrador Retriever. He is known for his uncanny ability to steal things! His favorite things to steal are kitchen and bathroom rugs, towels, pillows, socks, toilet paper and his absolute favorite - the remote! When asked if Jack has a favorite toy, the response was, “Does the remote count?” Spoken like a true Lab, Jack’s bucket list would consist of visiting every lake, ocean, river, pond, and puddle of water there is! His best friend is his little human cousin Connor, who is 10 months old. Jack absolutely adores this little man (especially when he has food on his face)! The feeling is definitely mutual, as they have a very special bond.

HANDLE: @little_big_marv

NAME: Marvin (Marv)


Marv is a Beagle/Rat Terrier mix from Secondhand Hounds. He loves to fetch, swim, meet new friends, patrol the backyard for bunnies, and occasionally will table surf in hopes of finding food! One thing about life with Marv is that toys have a limited lifespan, as he’s constantly on a seek and destroy mission. Marv’s best friend is Annie Mea who is a Golden Retriever. They met at 3 months old, and they’ve been BFF’s since their first play date. These two even have matching Dogs of MSP bandanas, and they are the cutest duo ever!

HANDLE: @misselliedood

NAME: Ellie (Eleanor Annie)


Ellie’s Instagram account was created the same day she came home in May of 2017. Today her account has grown to over 21,000 followers! One unusual thing about Ellie is that she does not enjoy walks. Gasp. She will protest by sitting down several times when she’s out and about on an “almost walk.” She does however love piles of laundry on the floor, chicken and pancakes, and spending time at her family’s cabin in Crosslake. Ellie’s bucket list is short and sweet - she would love to swim in the ocean and play fetch on the beach! Her favorite places to hang out are Inbound Brewco, Modist Brewing, The Freehouse and Chuck & Don’s.

HANDLE: @lucyloutherescuedog

NAME: Lucy


Lucy is a three year old Australian Shepherd mix from Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Minnesota. She was pulled from a hoarding situation with 30 dogs on a property in Tennessee. Sadly, all but 3 had starved to death in a yard tied up to various items. Lucy was one of the 3 survivors. Today life is very different for Lucy and she is always up for adventures, whether it be kayaking, hiking, camping, stand up paddle boarding, or skijoring. She also has the travel bug, as she has traveled to seven states, and even crossed the border into Canada. Her biggest trip was a 2,000 mile road trip to Colorado over 12 days. Lucy takes her friendships very seriously, and she will sit and wait for her friends to arrive when she visits dog-friendly breweries and patios (whether they’re expected or not).

HANDLE: @remisayshi

NAME: Remi


Remi is a mini Australian Shepherd who just celebrated his first birthday on August 12th. Remi’s favorite thing to do is RUN! He especially loves when there’s another pup around that he can run circles with. His weirdest quirk would be that he prefers to sleep like a human. He only likes to lay with his head on the pillow and he LOVES being tucked in! Remi’s bucket list would consist of the following: 1.) Meet every dog in the city. 2.) Destroy every toy at Chuck and Don’s. 3.) Learn how to work the magical ice cube machine on my own.

HANDLE: @theinu_yuuna

NAME: Yuuna


Yuuna is a 10 month old Shiba Inu with an addiction to pup cups from Dairy Queen! She also happens to be the world’s most polite treat taker. However, she will not be shy when it comes to spitting out a treat she doesn’t fancy. If Yuuna had a bucket list, it would read as follows: 1.) Hike more trails and go into the mountains. 2.) Meet all my SoCal Shiba followers. 3.) Off-leash freedom at all times (in typical Shiba fashion). Yuuna loves visting any place with treats or pets, as she’s a very social Shiba.

HANDLE: @luny2oons

NAME: Luna


Luna is four years old and she’s an American Staffordshire Terrier/Great Pyrenees mix. Born in Georgia, Luna was adopted by her mom and dad from the Golden Valley Humane Society when she was only 8 weeks old. Luna enjoys long walks and fine dining, and she’s always up for a party with her dog friends. Added bonus if it means dressing up in fancy outfits handmade by her mom. She also loves finding new and exciting dog-friendly places to visit, supporting the local rescue scene, and is a huge supporter of local dog-friendly businesses and dog organizations.

Mini Photo Sessions with KME Photography

Mini Photo Sessions with KME Photography

We have teamed up with KME Photography to offer a discounted deal on pet portrait/family mini sessions! As a friend of Dogs of MSP, sessions are discounted, and $50 from your session will be donated to the rescue/shelter of your choice!

Happy Father's Day!

We've had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing dog dads, and we just wanted to wish you all a very happy Father's Day! A special thank you to all the dads (and moms) who have supported Dogs of MSP in one way or another. Having the support of our community and people who stand behind our mission means everything. We get the chills just thinking about it! Please know we always love seeing pics of our swag, so be sure to share photos with us in our Facebook group or by using #dogsofmsp on Instagram. Cheers to all the dads out there!

Dog Dads Up Close.jpg

That Time We Were On WCCO!

Kylie Bearse from WCCO stopped by Inbound Brewco to chat with us about our upcoming holiday market on December 17th, 2017. As you can see, Maple and Butterscotch were thrilled about their first TV appearance.

 Gillian, Butterscotch, Kylie, Maple, and Emily

Gillian, Butterscotch, Kylie, Maple, and Emily

Cheers to Target for coming out with the matching flannel pajamas this year! As you can see, we were huge fans!

 Photo by  StudioTwelve:52

Halloween Costume Contest!

Pirate Golden Retriever.jpg

We will be hosting an online Halloween Costume Contest! At 8 pm tonight (10/22), stay tuned to our Facebook group, as we will be opening up submissions for our Costume Contest. You can drop your pet's photo in the comments to be entered in the contest. If you have more than one dog in the photo, that's fine, but please only one submission per person/dog family.

On the morning of 10/23, we will upload submissions to an album on the Dogs of MS public Facebook page, where voting will take place from 10/23-10/26. At the end of 10/26, we will take the top 10 finalists and make a NEW album, and the top two costumes with the most likes will be selected as winners from that album. Voting for the top 10 finalists will take place from 10/27-10/30 and winners will be announced the morning on 10/31!

Please note that we will only take the first 200 photo entries to be considered for the contest, so make sure you're ready tonight at 8!

Prizes: Each winner will receive a $25 gift card to Chuck & Don's Pet Food & Supplie, $25 gift card to Grizzly's Grill, and Dogs of MSP baseball tee, Dogs of MSP bandana, and two Dogs of MSP wine glasses (total value: $114)

Photo Cred: About A Dog Pet Photograph

Dogs of MSP Bandana Pups

Our good friend Emily has been hard at work making these gorgeous double-sided Dogs of MSP bandanas. Satisfied customers have shared that once their dogs have their bandana on, they don't want to take them off (no joke)!

We LOVE seeing your pups wearing the bandanas around town, and it puts a smile on our faces to see photos of them on their latest adventures. Please be sure to share your photos with us by using #dogsofmsp and by sharing photos in our Facebook group. Thank you for the support, and if you need a bandana, you can pick one up at our next meet up at Hewing Hotel on August 6th (they are currently only available at our events)!

Minnesota Dogs Are Killin' Shark Week

It's Shark Week and dogs from the land of 10,000 lakes are channeling their inner shark!



  Hercules (📷Jennifer Rusert)

Hercules (📷Jennifer Rusert)

  Max (📷:Gina Towle)

Max (📷:Gina Towle)

   Joaquin (📷:Laura Howard)

 Joaquin (📷:Laura Howard)